Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Auto Biography of Benjamin Franklin

1706, Boston, Massachusetts

Coming of Age
1714-1716 : Boston Latin School
1718: Boston,Mass
1723: Philadelphia
1723: London, England
1726: Philadelphia


1790: Philadelphia

Source: wikipedia

Monday, February 8, 2010

The French Revolution PART 1

Leaders, people, states, institution and policies were changed dramatically by the events that we call The French Revolution. The purpose of this section is to understand what, when, who and how.

The view from 30,000 feet.

Click 1/9 French Revolution at You Tube.
Watch the vid.

In the vid, Michael Farquhar says "Louis 15th was a shlub"

Any thoughts on how this set the stage for the Revolution to follow?

Monday, June 22, 2009

If advertising on mobile gets figured out, it should mean clickable print will be a big deal

Mobile Marketing Magazine: Jumptap Secures US Patent:
"Mobile advertising firm Jumptap has been awarded Patent No. 7,548,915 by the United States Patent Office. The Patent was awarded on 16 June, 2009, and relates to a method for presenting an advertisement in association with a web page displayed on a mobile communication facility, the method comprising the steps of:

* Determining a first relevancy score based upon a statistical association between at least a first advertisement and one or more keywords;
* Determining a second relevancy score based upon a statistical association between at least a second advertisement and the one or more keywords;
* Receiving a web page request from the mobile communication facility;
* Receiving contextual information from the web page, wherein the contextual information includes at least the one or more keywords; and
* Presenting the first advertisement in association with the web page to be displayed on the mobile communication facility based upon a determination that the first relevancy score is greater than the second relevancy score"

Is this why funny is funny?

If the brain processes "happy" faster than "sad" and the deep fundamentals are time and space . . .hmmm
Brain Detects Happiness More Quickly Than Sadness:
"The results, published in the latest issue of the journal Laterality, show that the right hemisphere performs better in processing emotions. 'However, this advantage appears to be more evident when it comes to processing happy and surprised faces than sad or frightened ones', the researcher points out.

'Positive expressions, or expressions of approach, are perceived more quickly and more precisely than negative, or withdrawal, ones. So happiness and surprise are processed faster than sadness and fear', explains Aznar-Casanova."

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What NOT to do with QR codes!

It's worth the click to MediaPost Publications to get all the details. Anyway, here's the money quote:
2D codes threaten to go everywhere.
But like everything else, if it's not deployed correctly, don't do it. A good idea, deployed incorrectly is a bad idea. A mediocre idea perfectly deployed is usually good enough. In art, good enough is not good enough. In business, good enough is fine.

MediaPost Publications Down The Mobile Anti-Marketing Hole 06/18/2009
It started innocently enough. It was a cool June day on the streets of New York where outside of Penn Station some street marketers were passing out samples of Speed Stick antiperspirant. When I got to my hotel room and unpacked the cellophane bag I noticed that the promo included a 2D code I was prompted to snap and send to a short code.

Ok, fair enough. The theme of the campaign is "Different Strokes for Different Folks," to promote three kinds of Speed Stick for a range of sweating types ("what's your pit type?"). And to the marketers' credit the concept of the 2D code is aligned with the brand message. The offer suggests that by using the 2D code I will be able to "make a 2D code that belongs to you and you alone."

So far so good. Nice idea. But at the end of the day it sucks.

: "The problem is, it's a pain in the consumer's ass to execute. This campaign not only turns me off to the brand, it turns me off to 2D codes as well.

I have never been a fan of slapping these things anywhere. I much prefer image recognition technology for this. UPC codes and the like were made for machines, not people. And most UPC codes are confined to packaging, where they can be tucked away out of sight or restricted to a single page of a magazine.

2D codes threaten to go everywhere. And there is nothing aesthetically pleasing or directly communicative about them. They are just a big fat eyesore that engineers and geeks might find energizing. The rest of us just want to peel them off of our otherwise pleasant-looking world. The prospect of a world filled with these things is too unappealing to ponder."
"The prospect of a world filled with these things is too unappealing to ponder?" My guess is that the writer doesn't know about what's going on in Japan. I bet if a printer told him, he would like to hear it.

And once we get dynamic QR codes to scale for Clickable Print New York, it won't be such a pain in the ass for the customer and the CMO will still get the information they need.

Not open for business, but coming soon...

Here's a peek at the projected product line. We are still working on the "upload, fill out the information and pay by credit card or Paypal" piece.

10% of Clickable Print New York profit is donated to Clickable (501(c3) in process) to find, fund and mentor Clickable Print proof of concept projects to help fix bottom of the pyramid high school education.

Print in your office.
Buy the paper at Staples. Postcard Papers

Really Cool Service:
Ready for pick up overnight or shipped via USPS priority mail.

Pretty Cool Service:
Ready for Pick Up in 3 days or shipped via USPS priority mail.

Enterprise Service:
Up to 50,000,000 postcards in the mail in two days, Printernet Published.
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Enterprise Service Plus:
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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Canadian Online Application Form Goes QR

BeQRious - QR Code - QR Code Generator - QR Creator - Cell Phone Bar Code Maker: "
QR code generator

The Canadian government is really catching onto the QR Code thing. They’ve set up an online passport application form here and any Canadian can use it to apply for a passport or renew it. The difference now is that the Canadian passport online application form contains a dynamic QR Code which changes along with any information that you place in it.

Hence, when the applicant is done providing all the information needed for the passport application, the QR Code would reveal pertinent information like the name, given name, original name (if any), birth place, both mailing address and the address of current residence.

How does this make life simpler? For one, it would make processing much faster and the applicant can download the QR Code for his or her own use. Traveling, in the future, would be seamless with the mobile phone QR Code.

I know of many governments in other countries giving applicants the option of applying or renewing their passports online but this is a first for me. And it’s a good first."